For this Halloween playlist, we turned south of the border to our friend and JNCO enthusiast, Chuck Pee (self-described as: Mexican radio show host / dj, overall nerd, father of Mingo). We know how much Chuck Pee loves horror movies and themes, and as a Soundcloud mix maker, we thought he’d make a fantastic addition to our spooky season lineup. And although subject to the limitations of Spotify, this mix does not disappoint. Here’s Chuck Pee’s introduction:

“The name comes from a viral audio in which an old lady from Spain called in to say ‘happy jawulin’ to her neighbors’ WhatsApp chat. Having said that, the idea was to use mainly somewhat electronic, atmospheric soundtracks without trying to be a completist (as Spotify won’t let me).”

So turn down those lights and let this music entrance you. Feliz Jawulin, amigos!


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