This playlist has some history to it. Some of you may, but most of you do not know that I, Gimetzco!, once upon a time, did some design work for the band we all know as WEEZER. It was during the year 2000 and into 2001 when my then-dream of designing something for WEEZER would come true.

The Tin Tote – my brush with stardom – circa 2001

You see, Weezer’s Blue was a very important album to me, and like many, Pinkerton left me scratching my head (to this day I only like about half of the record). It was after this 2nd album that Weezer went on hiatus, and a void in their brand of geek rock formed. So, a bunch of bands that otherwise wouldn’t have been signed to major labels, popped up with so-called “one hit wonders” in spite of most of them being solid bands in their own right; with many going on to cast their own respectable shadows. And sadly, some burned up during their ascent to stardom, never quite reaching, but still managed to release a few decent tunes. This playlist is comprised of many of those bands; most of them good, with only a few “good enough”. Many of these bands loved Weezer and it shows, while others were simply dorky/quirky enough for the labels to try and cash in on this geek rock genre (and some of the bands are even side projects of Weezer members or contemporary bands who were momentarily influenced by, if nothing more, the production style of Blue).

The wraparound for the tin tote.

When Weezer made their return with Green, about the same time as my design work for them came into fruition, the void they left would be temporarily filled by their homecoming. However, if Green was any indication, it became apparent that Rivers wasn’t interested in filling the void at all, thus there are songs on this playlist from a few little-heard of current day bands that have a thing for that ’90s fuzzy guitar sound. The playlist starts with a track that is more or less a demo of what Weezer aimed to release as a follow up to Blue, before Matt Sharp left the band to form The Rentals. This track is only a reminder of the genuine goodness that Weezer once was. The rest as follows in their wake is some definitely and some mistakenly influenced by their sound.


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