This week’s mix is brought to you by our very special guest curator, Chaki! We wanted a mix that was sure to bring the spooky funk as well as the spooky fun, so naturally we turned to this Los Angeles-based performer and certified space wizard to give us the goods. Here’s what Chaki has to say about this mix:

”When Elbee asked if I would make a playlist for my ideal Halloween party my eyes popped out of my skull and flames shot out of the side of my head. I would create such a playlist in two shakes of a sacrificed lamb’s tail. I made this playlist while wearing a leather cape made from the skin of dead mobsters and drinking a very goth looking goblet of (Kosher) swine blood. The music starts spooky and weird as your guests arrive as they stick their hand in a bowl of eyeballs (grapes). As the booze flows, the tunes get funky and (scary) sexy. Perfect for an inappropriate monster dance party! As things wind down, so does the tempo. The devil’s weed is broken out, therefore so is the (haunted) reggae. Finally, things get chill as you say good night to all the boys, ghouls and gender-neutral spectres. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Luv Chaki”

Chaki has shared the stage with Peelander Z, El Vez, Bob Log III, Captured By Robots, Flipper, and Shannon & The Clams. Please do yourself a favor and check out his bandcamp for more Halloweenie fun!