Audio Fanfiction reimagines a film’s soundtrack to exhibit the emotions that film invokes and inspires: excitement, vehemence, sorrow, despondence, warmth, passion, pride–anything goes here. Think of it as a personal spiritual manifestation of the film, in audio form.

Here we start with 13 songs about Friday the 13th. This mix is courtesy of the prolific founder of Deathbomb Arc record label (and occasional Grumpire contributor) Brian Miller. Check out Brian’s many past and present projects on bandcamp, including drwg, Back To The Future The Ride, True Neutral Crew, Rose For Bohdan, Foot Village, and more.

Speaking of “and more,” how about we add on Brian’s review of Jason Takes Manhattan?

There are always obnoxious reasons that great horror films get bad reputations. These days we can blame internet herd mentality. In the ’80s, with information passing through much narrow and elite media channels, we can blame gatekeeping. Either way, easy targets get shot right in the head without a second though. This all said, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan was set up for a fall with including Manhattan in the title. Everyone drooled in anticipation of Jason stomping through NY participating in goofy Gremlins 2 and Ghostbusters sort of provincial gags. So, of course, what the film became known for, is not really delivering on that. At least not enough. Here is the thing. The film is complete bonkers Argento style post giallo surrealism, filled with dreamlike gels, huge supernatural plot points that defy logical analysis, and one of the cruelest endings of the entire franchise. Yes, it mostly takes place on a ship and then in alleys and sewers, but if you don’t bring NY expectations to the film you’re in for an Italian style horror thrill ride.

Scenes where the vaguely psychic final girl communicates with the ghost of Jason’s inner-child while Jason himself chokes her nearly to death would be weird enough. Then the camera cuts to show that the inner-child ghost is watching this. Are there two Jasons? Is Jason possessed? Who knows.

The film ends by picking back up with this plot point. In a sewer, the final girl is backed into a corner, the situation hopeless. Then god in the sky opens up the heavens and strikes Jason with a bolt of lightning (that goes into the sewer) and it regresses him back into a child. The child calls out for help from the final girl and she just says “screw you” to him and makes sure this helpless boy drowns in toxic waste. She repeats the exact karmic crime that turned Mrs. Voorhees into a killer in the first place and subsequently created Jason the spirit of vengeance himself.

What they should have done is called the movie “Jason at Sea” and let the little bit of NY stuff be a surprise to give a jaw dropping “wtf” moment at the end. Then, after the Jason-child “dies” in a NY sewer, announce that a movie called “Jason Takes Manhattan” is coming next year and actually do a Jason in NY movie as the sequel to this masterpiece.


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