For this week’s mixtape, we’re getting a little loose. Inspired by the conversation we had with Broken Lizard about their hilarious slasher parody, Club Dread, we thought we’d down a couple of pina coladas and take a trip to Pleasure Island ourselves.

Bill Paxton’s character of Coconut Pete is of course a send-up of the seminal Hawaiian shirt-wearing, rum-soaked songman hero to lazy Spring Breakers and drunk aunts and uncles alike, Jimmy Buffett. Since the music for the film that Paxton wrote and performed himself is available on Spotify, we thought we’d piece together some additional tracks that we feel are perfect (and perfectly cheesy enough) to fit into a playlist for one gloriously lascivious week’s stay on Pleasure Island (just, let’s try not to get ourselves killed, okay?).

So to all you wanna-be Parrotheads we say: open up that bottle of tequila, kick back, and enjoy this mix. In the immortal words of Coconut Pete, “Have a good time, all the time! Always eat the worm!”


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