This week’s mix is all about the dark side of Valentine’s Day: the heartaches, the break-ups, the unrequited loves, the sitting alone in your room crying into a pint of Ben And Jerry’s because your crush hasn’t responded to your texts in, like, a whole hour… Hey, they don’t call it a crush for nothing!

Really, though, if you’re feeling disgruntled about Valentine’s Day (and love in general), this mix is for you! Featuring a broad scope of classic artists that are kind of the gold standard when it comes to heartache (The Magnetic Fields, The Smiths), some punk-inspired snark (Public Image Limited, The Misfits), some modern underground-adjacent cuts (The Knife, Xiu Xiu), and even some of today’s best pop artists (Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean). And, as we always say, so much more!

This mix brought to you by special guest Adrianna Gober, curator for Midnight Movie Society and contributing editor for Cinepunx