Grumpire 9, Meet The Feebles 0

On today’s episode we welcome writer and filmmaker Ben Rock to the show to talk about a couple of right bastard puppet movies, Peter Jackson’s raunchy Muppet-sploitation piece Meet The Feebles and Brian Henson’s actual piece of Muppet-sploitation, The Happytime Murders.

Now, we weren’t exactly sure even up until the time of recording on which movie Ben hated and which one was his preferred “alternate,” and to be fair, the discussion leads to all of us pretty much agreeing there are good and bad things about both (good = transgressive film, jokes; bad = transgressive film, jokes). Are you confused? We are, too! (Also confusing: nobody got Elbee’s Letters To Cleo joke, but that’s okay, she totally doesn’t feel weird or embarrassed about it.)

After the episode, be sure to check out these links to puppet-y stuff we mention: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, Spitting Image (and that freaking Genesis music video), and oh look, the entire Marquis de Sade puppet movie.

Check out Ben’s work through his online portfolio where you can see the majority of things he’s worked on (including his directing reel). We highly recommend everyone give Video Palace a listen, it’s truly authentic, horrifying entertainment. And don’t forget 20 Seconds to Live for your short dark comedy needs!