Grumpire 5, Fight Club 0

Joining us on Episode 5 are esteemed guests Bradley Kornish and Dan Pullen, who are here to tell us all about how neither of them particularly care for David Fincher’s edgy 1999 adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s edgy novel Fight Club. The guys think the film (and the story, for that matter) is a pretentious try-hard, so make sure you tune in to find out why.

Offered as an alternate is a 1995 Japanese film from the director of the acclaimed Tetsuo series, Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tokyo Fist. Both films encapsulate an idea of masculinity, presented in each their own ways (Tokyo Fist is maybe a little bit less…whiny?). Both films feature an interesting sort of love triangle between the main characters as well.

This is another episode wherein we don’t exactly agree with our guests! But that’s totally okay ‘cuz that’s what our show is all about. If you’d like to see more of Bradley (“grown man who eats candy”) and Dan (“Vice President of the East Rutherford Fight Club, Chapter 1493”), please check out their shows, 26 Movies From Hell and Four Brains, One Movie available wherever you listen to podcasts.