Grumpire 6, The Dark Knight 0

Joining us on this episode is author Danger Slater, who brings us one of his more disliked films: Christopher Nolan’s much beloved and seriously gritty take on the Batman v. Joker saga, 2008’sThe Dark Knight. Find out why we all (mostly) don’t like this movie, starting with how limited of a character Batman actually is.

As his alternate, Danger (yes, we call him Danger) offers James Gunn’s 2011 film, Super, starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page as a pair of unlikely local heroes. This relatively unseen film is not Gunn’s first foray into the superhero subgenre, and we all know it definitely wasn’t his last. Danger really likes it for both how weird and full of heart it is, and Elbee calls it “James Gunn’s perfect movie.”

As an author, Danger Slater is a unique voice in the world of weird, smart novels that border on quirky and feature a fair amount of body horror. If you enjoy this episode, please check out Danger’s blog! And while you’re at it, buy some of his books, mkay?