Grumpire 1, The Matrix 0

The main reason we’re doing this podcast is to encourage honest and reasonable conversation about film. So often we see reviews based in overly positive hyperbole, so much so that sometimes it comes across as superficial, or even fake. is steeped in the idea of fair criticism, which indeed can be positive, but we can’t forget sometimes it does mean it’s ok to be a grump about stuff.

For the Grumpire Podcast, we’re taking that to the next level. Each episode’s guest will bring two movies to the table: one that they really don’t like but the world seems to adore, and one with a similar theme that stands as a “alternate” to the first film that the guest finds to be much more satisfying. It’s like the “tired and wired” of movie podcasts.

Joining us on our first episode is Ken Reid, Boston-based stand-up comedian and host of his own highly entertaining podcast, TV GUIDANCE COUNSELOR (And by the way, referenced in this episode is Ken’s appearance on the Epix original series Sex Life.). Ken is also kind enough to contribute some writing for this site, so be sure to check out his work! In the meantime, though, press that play button to find out why Ken very much doesn’t like The Matrix, and why he very much does like Dark City.