Grumpire 17, Half Baked 0

Once upon a time, there was a nerdcore rapper
He had an opinion that a film should be in the crapper
A stoner comedy of mid-’90s fame
the one that gave Dave Chappelle his starring name
Not “so bad it’s good” but “so bad it’s bad” he had to proclaim
All in all, Half Baked is rather lame
Whether or not you disagree, he set your mind at ease
because Elbee and Andrew said “MC Lars, be on our podcast, please”
So he obliged us with his mighty mind and regaled us with some tales
Seems MC Lars is mighty kind, we hope this ep boosts his record sales!
And so Lars told us why he thinks The Jerky Boys is better
Another mid-’90s gem but more like Tougher Than Leather
Johnny Brennan and Kamal wreaking havoc in Queens
Poking fun at unsuspecting victims with telephone machines

It’s a really fun show, and if you like it check out MC Lars‘ flow
On his new record Blockchain Planet
OUT SOON! Jeez get on it, damnit!