Grumpire 11, Friday the 13th Remake 0

Hello friends, we’re back with the second episode in a row that pits two classic horror movie remakes against each other! How exciting!

This week, Grumpire columnist Nathan Smith joins us to lament upon the Michael Bay produced version of Friday the 13th from 2009, by music video director Marcus Nispel. Elbee and Andrew both like the movie, but don’t fret, horror lover Nathan holds his own, and then some!

For his alternate, Nathan presents the (also) 2009 remake of Valentine’s Day slasher My Bloody Valentine 3D, which works on different levels for him. Music snobs Elbee and Andrew make it all the way through the episode without mentioning the pioneering shoegaze band of the same name (we think? Maybe not?), so that’s an accomplishment. Right.

Many thanks to Nathan for joining us and inadvertently making us choose which Winchester Brother is the dreamiest (not really, how could we possibly choose?) — and hey, while you’re here, be sure to check out Nathan’s Triggered!


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