Grumpire 7, E.T. 0

Joining us on this episode is site contributor, Nick Spacek. Nick’s grump pick probably needs no introduction, as it’s one of the most beloved films of all time. It’s the classic “boy and his dog” tale taken to an unexpectedly bizarre (yet also very mundane) place: Steven Spielberg’s 1982 family-friendly masterpiece, E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial.

You may be thinking, “How could anyone not like E.T.?!” Well, trust us. It’s very, very possible. In fact, none of us (heartless bastards) like this movie. Stick around to find out why!

As his alternate, Nick brings us 1985’s Explorers, a relatively not-talked-about Joe Dante film starring both a young Ethan Hawke and a young River Phoenix (and some other kid). It’s got aliens, too, and — get this — it’s actually fun!

As well as his Bargain Binned column here at Grumpire, you can find Nick Spacek at the Kansas City Pitch as Music Editor, and as a columnist at Starburst Magazine and Be sure to check out his own podcast From & Inspired By, where he talks to music critics and celebrities alike about movie soundtracks.