Summer is sizzlin’ all over the Americas, even in the most unexpected spots. Even our friends to the Great White North are struggling to keep their Labatt Blues chilled in this unprecedented international heatwave. But one of the joys of summer is sucking up the heat, packing up the car, and heading to our own visions of paradise, even if just for a few days. So, for this second week of July, we are celebrating the majesty of The Road Trip, and the true escape it brings.

This collaborative playlist features songs about driving, songs that drive us, songs we get lost in, and songs that are perfect for the crew to sing along: all the interpretations of hitting the open road, with or without direction. And, as usual, we Grumps aren’t afraid to show our range. You’ll find everything here from hip-hop to metal to punk to pop, and whatever else in between.

Contributing to this mix are elbee, Andrew Gimetzco!, Adrianna Gober, Nick Spacek, Justin Harlan, Scott Floronic, Jay Alary, and Brian Miller. Thirty songs, designed with a definite “Side A” and “Side B” in mind, for maximum feel-good car play vibes.


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