Grumpire 14, Promising Young Woman 0

Joining us on this episode is cult film aficionado G.G. Graham! G.G. specializes in exploitation, so it’s no wonder she would bring us a couple of genuinely ruthless tales of revenge-seeking women.

First up, G.G. scoffs at Promising Young Woman‘s Best Original Screenplay Oscar, and understandably so after she lays out her reasons. Most notable of which is how the film ignores all the damage the protagonist does to her fellow women during her actually kind of lackluster quest to avenge her friend. We liked the film at first, but after this conversation with G.G.? Well, she raises some good points.

The alternate is Coralie Fargeat’s 2017 thriller Revenge, a film most of us can probably agree is first-rate, and handles the revenge aspect somehow more realistically (even though it’s got hella fantastical elements). Basically, there’s no room for smugness when “fight or flight” takes over.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and while you’re at it, please check out what G.G. has going on at Midnight Movie Monster, Drive-In Asylum, and Wicked Horror!


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