Grumpire 13, Toy Story 3 0

We’re excited to have our guest Mike Snoonian on the show this time not only because he is a warm, inviting, and analytical person in his own right, but because we got to push him a bit beyond his comfort zone. See, Mike is known mostly as a horror movie aficionado, as he co-hosts two podcasts very specific to genre fare. So when we said, “hey, bring us some movies” and he came back with 1) not horror films and 2) effectively a couple of children’s films, we were like “oh heck yeah, this will be fantastic.”

And it is! First off Mike tells us how Pixar’s beloved Toy Story 3 doesn’t work for him in the same ways it does the rest of the world’s population, from its general hokiness to its emotionally manipulative string-pulling. Mike’s presented “alternate” is Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, which surprisingly has more emotional chops than some of us may expect. Elbee especially didn’t like the idea of either of these movies to begin with, but through being “forced” to watch and discuss them, she learned maybe they’re not so bad (maybe).

Wait a minute, what’s the connection here? What do Toy Story 3 and Spider-Man 3 share in common to have them be alternates to each other? Is it as simple as just the number 3? Tune in and find out!

And be sure to tune in to Mike’s shows The Pod and the Pendulum, which covers horror movie franchises one by one in all their glory, and Psychoanalysis; A Horror Therapy Podcast, in which he and his co-hosts tackle various mental health issues present within the Horror genre.


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