Grumpire 12, Suspiria remake 0

Hola! Joining us on this episode are musicians, movie-watchers, and generally creative people Tim Lake (aka Infinity Meter) and Erica Lubman (aka Boy Jr.).

Tim and Erica are the first guests to bring us two movies in which we initially completely disagreed with their assessments (Suspiria remake bad?? The Love Witch good??), but through their fun, insightful views and overall thoughtfulness they convinced us to soften up our grumpy attitudes in the spirit of understanding where others are coming from. And isn’t that the real goal of healthy film discourse?

Do us all a favor and check out the Infinity Meter x Boy Jr. collaborative single, “Look At Me I’m Coping So Fucking Hard,” available to listen on Spotify and Bandcamp!

Also by the way, Boy Jr. rules at TikTok. Click and you’ll see.


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