Grumpire 19, once upon a time in hollywood 0

For this episode, we’re going retro. Thanks to guest Preston Fassel, we have two films considered to be masterful Hollywood period pieces — one is just a little more revisionist than the other.

Before any Tarantino-heads get too mad, though, please know Preston has some very sensible reasons for not loving Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Namely, the approach is too broad, bad characters are treated as heroes, and his one-time background in criminology offers more emotional insight into the treatment of victims than the film is willing to give.

But on the plus side, there’s Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza. Preston feels this is period drama done right: a world that can sweep up the viewer and still feel lived-in. Characters who are flawed, but feel real. A presentation of a Hollywood legend that doesn’t feel too self-serving.

After hearing this episode, be sure to check Preston out online, and take a look at all the books he’s authored. The latest, Beasts of 42nd Street, is available in March 2023!


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