Grumpire 18, The Big Lebowski 0

Welcome to our 4/20 special! Never mind what the actual date is, it’s always 4/20 somewhere, and how better to celebrate than talking over a couple of egregiously smoke-friendly films with our friend (and self-professed stoner chick), Taffeta!

Taffeta joins us from an undisclosed location probably in a secret underground lair for loud, sophisticated, quick-witted broads in attempt to annihilate a certain type of film fan who forgets to “just take it easy, man” when facing a critical opinion of the Coen Brothers’ stoner noir cult classic. Forget The Dude, Taffy does not abide.

But instead of The Big Lebowski, Taff offers her alternate: Grandma’s Boy — on the grounds of Grandma’s Boy‘s over-the-top presence being actually more representative of people we all might know in real life. Neither film is perfect, but when it comes to 4/20 silliness, which one is going to be the ultimate crowd-pleaser? Taffeta says, let’s keep it simple, pimple.

So be sure to give this episode a listen, and don’t forget to check out Taffeta’s work with Centerfold and online at her site where she showcases her writing projects and stage wardrobe work!


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