the year hair metal got sheared, the year we all took a big ol’ whiff of teen spirit, the year college radio really started paying attention to Athens, the year that defined alternative rap and trip-hop, and undoubtedly, The Year Punk BrokeTM.

We feel nostalgia for the periods that shape us, but don’t worry: we’re not going to get all wishy-washy on you. We are Grumps, after all. But for this week’s mixtape we’re looking back 30 whole damn years and remembering some of our favorite tracks from one of the most monumental times in music history.

What else happened in 1991?

James Brown was granted parole after leading police on a high-speed chase through two states, while Donnie Wahlberg was arrested for setting his hotel room on fire; Kenny Rogers delighted chicken lovers by founding his famous Kenny Rogers Roasters; Garry Shandling hosted the Grammy ceremony that Sinead O’Connor refused to attend…hmm, maybe it really was better times.

Anyway, our playlist this week is a collaboration of five songs each from several Grumpy regulars including Jay Alary, Emilio Amaro, Elbee, Andrew Gimetzco!, Justin Harlan, Brian Miller, Tyler Peterson, Nick Spacek, and Mike Vanderbilt. It’s a broad mix of just about all the genres that defined 1991: can you guess who contributed what??